- technology with no regard for nature is not sustainable.

- that a technological society with no regard for nature is not sustainable.


- single women should not be discriminated against nor socially outcast (couples often do this) nor should they be judged as sexually promiscuous on account of being unpartnered, nor be physically advanced upon for sexual reasons.

- small is beautiful. the act of assertion on the fabric of all is an act of arrogance. human passion and creativity has the right to expression in context with the appropriate arena. this interface is not TV.

- the law of reciprocity matters.

- investigations must be held to determine the cause of mental and emotional disturbances in the patient (psychology) where they have immediately and directly impacted the overall health of the individual. damages can be sought from aggressors.


- speaking truth to power if the eye-candy wins we all lose : mirror transmission from the hearth to thieves

- what is the simulation parts 1 - 5 podcasts > youtube.com/c/therealmatrixfiles

- trauma stress pressure breeds selfishness < this must be corrected

- true nature to remain unchanged



- 3 podcasts are now available on the youtube research channel with a brief introduction to the files, a focus on the reality of children being online, and smartphones. i strongly urge you to listen to them. get informed about the technology you are using and the implications for children. we cannot afford to dismiss inconvenient information any longer. as humans we have the gift of intelligence and free will choice. it is time to exercise both for everyone's highest good.

- new meditation music has been uploaded to the bandcamp channel. soft warm tones to calm you and bring you to stillness.


- that current technology has slowed us down and made things harder

- that it takes more time to text than it does to call

- that email is non-secure, slower and confusing for the undeveloped mind

- that the isolation of a human being in a cyber-cell (profile) is a criminal offence

- that IP addresses showing a location other than residential or business, is fraudulent

- that narcissism is when double standards are mercilessly expected to be maintained

- that our purpose here is to reach our full potential as sentient beings without artificial interference

- that artificial intelligence is as it says it is : artificial - ie : f a k e

- that the only reason it exists is to line the pockets of the few

- that the arms industry has no plans of being out of work any time soon or ever

- that when the value placed on money is greater than friendship we have lost our way

- that when our current technology is the cause of all above, authorities must be dismissed as criminally inept

- that 'don't sit too close to the TV' was said for a reason but the promotion of smartphone screens close to the eyes speaks louder

- that a republic is subservient to a monarchy not the other way around united states

- that no news is good news and must be taken seriously

- that the combination of excessive radiation, pollution, dust and dirt and filth in the streets of Melbourne is so abhorrent, no one enjoys living here.

- that governments creating inhospitable and unhealthy environments be sacked

- that this website is an artificial representation of me and if you find me here it's for you to become aware of that

- that cybernauts using this interface to practice digital holography are godless black magicians of belial

- christ doesn't cheat.

- that survival is dependent on accepting systems which fatigue everyone < if this doesn't say it all


- the importance of keeping all mobile devices switched off in meditation and healing environments

- coming to awareness of the unseen / what is it doing and how are we affected

- that the conscious mind may like to believe we are protected while the subconscious is impacted on imperceptible levels

- that current technology does not operate in harmony with our biological spiritual mental and emotional needs

- time-code systems anchoring consciousness to a false paradigm entirely man-made for profit

- how flesh-worship has been re-weaponised as a daily necessity citing good physical health as the reason

- that the fact of the matter is good spiritual mental emotional health = good physical health at a finer vibration keeping us free

to keep rising out of the carbon state which is what ascension is really all about : allowing more source in

- how adhering to false systems creates a simulated existence where source is kept out

- undoing this with self-honesty and responsibility / consideration of others


- the old street directories are better than google maps

- humans have lost their sense of direction because of GPS

- young people don't know where they are or how to get anywhere unaided / no memory recall

- there needs to be a way to block texts without blocking the phone number

- no one should be auto-opted-in to anything - informed consent is required

- human and moral rights

- larger dogs must be on a leash at all times in public / voice control is not sufficient / they are a health and safety risk

- like real-time communication online