i n t r o d u c t i o n

i've just completed a 6-week no internet hiatus but i have to say it wasn't voluntary. i moved residence and they weren't able to deliver a connection during that time. i mention it because so much of the world has grown dependent on the internet and for me it marked the second occasion in a year that i have taken reprieve and discovered the only drawback was a lack of access to information. since i don't watch television i've been filling my time with daily-life stuff and handling everything by phone. i was even able to drive somewhere i'd never been before with no map except directions given to me verbally. i didn't miss the emails, the news or find that there was anything i couldn't do by simply reverting back to how things used to be. i journaled a lot, read good books a lot, went for long drives and reconnected with my music and psychic healing abilities. it was also a welcome break from my research which had consumed me for 5 years. these form the basis of my new site for you. while still under construction i am hoping to create a cyber-environment you feel comfortable visiting and to use as a portal to connect with me if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment. thank you for your patience.

 A B O U T

formerly a professional singer i migrated to the internet in the year 2000 on advice from an old flame. here i found a wealth of information to satisfy my curiosity in all things spiritual. while searching for answers i found a metaphysician from canada under whom i studied for the next 15 years. i simultaneously recorded 15 music albums, taught singing, raised and homeschooled a child and lived quite happily until the cyber world was hijacked by smartphones and social media. it was only after this that i learned the internet had hijacked the world in stark opposition to our natural evolutionary process. as a teacher/healer offering my services i incorporate metaphysics and the experience i gained through completing the relevant courses. more recently i had my own business doing readings, meditation and healing for local clients in my own shop by the sea and have moved back to the city to refine these skills even further. i have been dedicated to self-development, mindfulness and research for the last 25 years and i do not own a smartphone nor participate in social media out of respect for the truths in which i believe. i take my work seriously and continue to hope for the best for all of us during clearly challenging times. i offer the findings of my research and my private services in good faith that at some point in our turbulent global history we will come to the mutual agreement that we are all in this together and cannot afford to be obstinate in the face of truth. trading in our dignity for likes seems to represent the core issue of our human dilemma : looking for love in all the wrong places. i am a  life-longer learner more than i am a list of achievements and encourage you to learn the tools to heal yourself and open your mind to new information, which while confronting, is a necessary undertaking if you hold freedom

as dear to your heart as i do.