May 13


The XYZ Files are the result of ongoing research into the events of May 13 2016 involving myself, my friend and employer, and her housemate who was assigned to work with me at the Absolute Motel. They are an investigation into the cause of events which left me brutally traumatised for 6 months. These files are available for viewing here and in video format at YouTube. Hard copies of these files have been stored.

During the course of this research many other areas of interest were discovered. These include information about our technology, the pyramids of Egypt, the internet and related companies and corporations, social media, ancient sites, climate change, quantum engineering, data mining, government collusion, organised assassinations and hits, family mass murders, high profile public figures, the frequency war, multidimensionality and the structure of our planet.

Together they form a comprehensive overview of global issues of immediate concern. It is my hope that you will understand the urgent need to address these issues should the survival of our specie, planet, and all life aboard Her survive.

You are invited to observe these files at either of the sites mentioned and may do so via the main menu.


The Absolute Motel

I arrived at work on my second day around 9.15 am to meet Patsy Ann and Hayden in the office discussing ransomware which had infected the main computer demanding payment for the release of their files. I joked about the government being behind it to make up their losses at Australia Post since instant messaging and email had obliterated the need for snail mail in most cases. Patsy Ann said she and Hayden were looking into reinstalling the system.

Our work day started immediately. Patsy Ann assigned Hayden to work me, to share some of the workload. She'd offered me the job after I resigned from a month-long stint at another motel where i was bullied and verbally abused by the manager for no rational reason. He carried his mobile phone with him at all times. Patsy assured me there would be no such behaviour from her nor her staff. I trusted her statement as we were already friends having previously met via referral from a new age shop in town. I accepted the position and was happy to be there having recently moved to Lakes Entrance from Melbourne after 8 years of illness and 4 years of physical dysfunctions, operations, 9 emergency ambulance trips to hospital, stress and shock-related trauma caused by family events all of which had me bedridden and isolated for long periods.

Lakes Entrance is my second home town as I'd been born in a township half an hour's drive from here, called Bairnsdale. This small coastal village is home to 12 000 residents and rests among lakes, fishermen's jetties and broad beaches facing the Pacific Ocean. I was ready to begin a new life, tend to my health, invigorate my creative interests and already excited to have made new friends and become employed. Had I known what was to happen within 4 hours of our friendly banter at the office desk that morning, I'd never have attended. In hindsight I would not wish it upon any justified enemy.


Settling in to my routine on my second day on the job was not necessarily impeded by Hayden accompanying me from room to room as he made beds, it unfortunately caused my distraction as I'd wondered if he were there to observe my efforts and report back to Patsy Ann on my progress. It wasn't something I'd thought about out loud and not to any degree of concern. It was a hunch I brushed off but an irritation that unnerved me. We had a long morning ahead of us and I was eager to complete my shift as quickly and efficiently as I had the previous day. I'd found it odd that Hayden had checked in on me several times on my first day given he was not my employer, nor, from what I could gather, in any officially employed position of his own. He sat in the office with Patsy at a computer. She'd taken him in as a housemate due to problems of his own. I assumed she was helping him get on his feet. He was 21 years old and Patsy Ann in her 40s or thereabouts. She had counselled him upon referral by a woman named Kelly at the same new age hub where they sell spiritual products and offer a variety of other services. I'd met him briefly the previous week at our meditation group meeting and was shocked by how much he reminded me of a previous friend for whom I'd shared friendship and great affection. I wonderd if there was a connection between the two but brushed that off also as the job on offer required my full attention and I had no idea he would be working with me.


Hayden moved ahead of me as his task took far less time than my own. He finished long before I did and in fact did not complete the entire run as I expected he would. In the rush and occasional distractions of Hayden walking in and out asking me questions, I missed a small spot on the bottom of one of the mirrors. I became aware of this when I closed the room door and saw it, but without keys to get back in I decided to wait until the end of my shift at which time I would get the keys from the office, check all the rooms and fix whatever needed fixing before finishing up for the day.

I was on my own coming out of one of the smaller rooms when both Patsy Ann and Hayden appeared out of nowhere right as I walked through the doorway. She was hostile, unhappy, aggressive, hands on her hips, staring me down. What was happening? Reality had just shifted to the unexpected state. As she said something about something, Hayden left the scene. She and I were alone as she led me back to one of the other rooms, humiliating me with every gesture, a caustic tone dripping from her lips. Something was very wrong. I could feel myself flushing red. I felt scared, confused and powerless to protest without causing offense and angering her further, so I didn't explain I had intended to come back for the mirror which she was now venemously scolding me for. Was I still with the same people? This wasn't the real Patsy, or maybe it was. From warm, caring, generous, supportive friend to serpentine foe in 5 seconds flat. The air turned stale as we moved from room to room while she pointed and poked with her spit-filled fingers. My skin began to sting from the poison all around me. A bomb had exploded but I couldn't see it. Holding back tears I wanted to leave right away but I didn't. I didn't want to leave the boy behind and I didn't want to lose my job. She hovered around me as we tended to Unit 2. She manouvered around me like a rattlesnake. While the cobra made the beds I struggled to focus on finishing my work. In the midst of it she remarked "So how did you find the meditation the other night, Dear." I shuddered and replied politely "Yeah good." (Please get her away from me) in the back of my inner-child's mind. Eventually she left, broke the vacuum cleaner on the way down the hill and scurried off like a rat.

As I worked on the remaining tasks in Unit 2, Hayden reappeared. He asked if I'd seen the keys. I said no I hadn't and took a quick look around the room. There's some on the table is that them? He mumbled something under his breath and left only to return five minutes later to ask the same question. I dropped the mop and smiled as I walked over to him, relieved to relax and comforted by the presence of whom I thought to be a non-threatening person. I grabbed the keys from the table and handed them to him, looking up at him as I did so. I made a friendly and slightly cheeky remark about having already told him where they were, to lighten the mood and have a chuckle. As I looked up at him his eyes locked on mine and I felt a zap; a piercing beam like a laser, straight through my eyes. Something dropped in the air between us. Energy opened near my heart. It wasn't mine. Then the beam dropped to the pit of my stomach and I moved away. He didn't even blink. He'd just stood there staring down at me, a clown-like grin on his face and eerie blank stare. I had no idea what had just happened.


I finished up and went to the area just outside the office where Patsy Ann and Hayden were enjoying a cigarette. There was no humility in this vacinity, only hard rocks and devastating disappointment. Then she ushered me to the basement: the laundry room. Apparently I was to accompany her as she loaded the machines. I offered to help but she made no room for it. She spat about a male guest who'd had sex with his girlfriend a little too loudly and apologised to her for it to which she proudly replied "Didja make her cum?!" Her aim was to humiliate him and I assume she succeeded. A nasty, nasty woman. I smiled politely and kept myself calm hoping what was left of my serenity might rub off on her. Demonic presence filled the concrete room. I ignored it and moved closer to her offering unnecessary apologies to soothe her. Patsy Ann continued to flick about, her invisible tail thrashing in the corners. I was being beaten and torn to shreds, invisibly and most definitely. This was not an unexpected reality. This was an invasion. An entirely altered state revolving around her behaviour. The exact opposite of how things were before. A week or so earlier, I'd seen a stray dog in the car park. He/she had red-tan colouring, was lost, agitated and 'excited', aimlessly running around.


We returned to the office where I was paid, briefly engaged with Hayden and then I left. The next morning I awoke feeling beaten to a pulp. My head felt like an iron elevator had dropped right through it. My bones began to ache. The space around my head filled with invisible fumes; a toxic putrification washed over and through me. My sunny energy drained, I went into shock; a slow creeping silent deep trauma. I had no idea what had happened but it was obviously deeply damaging and beyond wrong. A shattering violation of trust and unconscionable disregard, from a counselor.


I saw Patsy Ann and Hayden on 2 more occasions. One was at the meditation group on May 25 where Hayden suggested we do a heart chakra meditation. It was also Patsy's birthday and I did my best to stave off my anxiety. I complimented her on her appearance when she and Hayden arrived and she looked at me in shock but it was a fake look; like she didn't know how to take the compliment or didn't want a compliment from me. During the meditation I held a clear crystal quartz crystal over my heart centre to keep the signal clean. I did this intuitively without knowing exactly why. I just knew it had to be kept clean. They played the meditation via YouTube through a TV and several times the connection jammed, cutting the video in and out. It made me laugh because Hayden had to keep getting up to restart it and everyone was trying to stay quiet so I got the giggles. He said it was my fault the video kept stopping. Something very disturbing happened at the end of the night; when I hugged him goodbye, he embraced me like you would a girlfriend, like couples embrace, in front of everyone. I'd felt very confused by what happened in the hallway at the Absolute and the awkwardness of where it might be heading made me pull away very quickly.

Members of the group had invited me to be part of their Facebook group so I accepted the invitation. Since they were sending me friend requests I did the same for Patsy and Hayden. Patsy did not accept. Apparently Hayden was also a DJ so I went to his soundcloud to hear his work. I was so impressed by it I said so on soundcloud but not wanting to bother him or make things wierd I asked some of the ladies to let him know I had heard it and thought it was brilliant. They said they would. Hayden sent me a private message to say thank you so I took the opportunity to make sure he knew it was me. He didn't know and the conversation ended. I suspected he was sending the messages using his phone.

The other time I saw them was at a birthday party around a campfire during the full moon on May 22 just a few days prior to the heart chakra meditation. I remember sitting next to Patsy and feeling absolutely horrible after the way she had treated me. I was repulsed and quiet for the whole evening. One of the other ladies hit me with a stick out of nowhere and she hit me hard. When I asked her why she said "You're too quiet." I was very conscious of Hayden that night. I literally had no idea what was going on and his reminding me of someone else was adding to the confusion. One of the ladies in the group had organised to do what they call a 'release ceremony'. We were supposed to bring a piece of paper with everything we wanted to release written down on it to cast into the fire. I did not participate and brought no piece of paper. Toward the end of the evening a car alarm went off in the street out the front. It blared for ages until I went out to check no one was hurt. Hayden followed after. Neighbours were attempting to get in to the car to turn the alarm off. He said it was wierd.  There had been no accident and the street was almost pitch black dark so neither of us could see what was going on. We returned to the backyard where I stayed until guests started leaving. Photographs were taken that evening using smartphones some of which were sent to me later via Facebook. Clearly visible orbs were present in some of the photos. One picture of Hayden has a cloud of dark-red-brown orbs all around his head. Everyone was drinking alcohol that night except for me.


It was the last time I would see Patsy Ann and Hayden for 6 months. When I left the gathering that night, the son of the birthday-girl touched me seductively on my arm. Another bizarre occurence since I'd met him before with never an air of any sexual interest in him whatsoever. Hadn't even thought of it, and wouldn't. His fingers on my skin made me feel dirty and violated.

In the weeks following, the trauma surfaced to become full-blown. I was a mess. My heart was burning. My soul had been sucked out of my body. I was in shock from everything that happened. I buried myself in my computer, convinced I had died, and in hindsight, I actually had. Radiation fell over the entire town. I could feel it hanging thick in the air like a heavy blanket over a dead body. I indirectly vented my feelings on Facebook. When I told Hayden I would not be returning to the meditation group because of what had happened with Patsy he accused me of harassing him and blocked me. Within hours I was unfriended and blocked by the Facebook group and the other ladies. Not one of them cared to ask me if I was okay, nor did they seek to clarfiy anything with me. In the months that followed I hardly ate but I coped and investigated.

The events between May 13-25 between myself, Patsy Ann and Hayden were less of  a mystery to me when I discovered the striking physical resemblance between Hayden and Burke Ramsey, the brother of murdered child beauty pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey. Her mother's name was Patsy Ann.


Hayden worked at the Bakery opposite the supermarket where I do my grocery shopping for several months. I saw him 2-3 times a week. He'd look up and smile. He stopped working there shortly after I confronted him one day about what had happened.

Update: On August 25 2017 I went for a walk and noticed someone wave at me from the passenger seat of a passing car. When I looked up I saw an all too familiar scene: Hayden driving with P plates in a darK blue vehicle and the person waving appeared to be Patsy Ann. I turned and watched the car drive away until it was out of sight. To be sure, I sent Patsy a text message asking if it was her. She denied it and replied with toxic insults, lies, gaslighting and drama. Apparently, I had magically given her what she described as 'mental issues'. She falsely accused me of lying and playing a game. The alternate universe had once again infected reality. I ended the conversation with facts.

Update: Feb 2019    My gardner informs me that Patsy and Hayden are his new rental tenants. (entanglement). I also learned that Patsy worked at, and later owned, a restaurant in Boronia I visited while my son took Kung Fu lessons a couple of years before. He had an iPhone. (tracking). Patsy was born on 25.5. not sure what year, but this is the value of my net mask and the magnetic field strength of the core of the earth.

The Basement Laundry

Photographs of the basement laundry at the Absolute Motel Lakes Entrance - see also May 13. There's another room - the equipment room - which has a smaller room at the back of it with a high window. I have photos of this too but they've since filled it with storage and the high window is hard to see so those photos aren't included.