012 = 3

   123 = 6

   234 = 9


= 369

3.142 = Pi

3.14159 = Pi


POC 23 - # 0023-123  34 / 17 - DC1 11-17

delete all social media accounts.
delete all social media apps.
these are time-coded artificial automated military systems.
old paradigm black hole hell prison.

do not use smartphones.
revert to cell or landline.
do not text.







"Star Wars" is a game of strategy and tactics, much like playing a game of chess. The game is to move from evolution to involution.


Let there be no more barriers to human thought. Let us move out of the "Cave of a Violent Society" into the light by a concerted Blitzkrieg Action, as we "Praise The Lord and pass the Light Ammunition ..."


Let us lead the walk through the mirror into the IDEAL WORLD and make a new home for all the people. The imposter apex of the rightful global government is ready to topple. Lucifer comes as a messenger of light, which conceals the desolation and pain of "The Curse" that comes with it, and the spiritual entropy in his wake.


CULTS perform the most essential needs of evolution. They act as a whetstone on which to sharpen the dull intellect. The Quaker Community of Sandy Springs, Md., was well represented in our Coe Hill Community. Two Quaker brothers, had three sons between them - each of whom played a key role in our light victory. One was the instigator of Strike Force Omega.


Our communications were highly confidential because although The Holy War was over on the upper decks of the MOTHERSHIP, the outer world was still in darkness. On this planet one is either subject to the Jinns and Finalters and the Invisible Force which dissolves the lower world in the "Cosmic Digestion Tract" (the belly of the TOTEMIC WHALE) or once commands them.


We, who have been enjoying the BIG LIGHT SHOW since 1973, can appreciate the finesse of each move THE MASTER GAMEPLAYER, Lord of the Jinns, makes on the black and white chessboard of a flat earth. The privilege of the connoisseur of consciousness, is to enjoy the view from the Observation Deck and to note the intricacy and multiple implications of each Master move. They are like ripples going out from a stone thrown into a still pool. They are visible from Post Pivot Action Station 6.8, THE SUPERNOVA BLITZKRIEG!


Starwars has been a great adventure. The Casting Director was phenomenal, with a real sense of the drama-humour-spectacle of each situation. The Character development of the main protagonists, Good and Evil, was real Oscar-stuff. We can see this as we peel the negative backing off the sum total of the positive effect. Emotional compression makes for super psychotronic warfare. The spoken word is every bit as deadly as the sword.


The internal blitzkrieg manifests in the external world. Each person is either in communication or ex-communication from The Source. Different "Gods" ride different streams of thought which man perceives as negative, such as the bloody bouts of ethnic cleansing. When we view ourselves as a single global nation we can see that the Big Shakeup is to promote mature reflection on the stupidity of so-called "Holy War."


As far as The Universe is concerned, God emerges as through the mist of the Divine Comedy. Live theatre at its best! with a cast of billions! The scene about the ultimate flowering of the cowboy hero, moving from second lead in "B westerns" to President of the United States, was "Upper Hollywood" at its best. Then the flow chart of the movie introduces the sinister head of the CIA to proclaim the "New World Order", and the global press moves to "bushwhacking".


The "Bard of Avon" had a hey-day. The Royal soap opera is a perfect reflection of British humour. It almost gives the game away. There stands Bonnie Prince Charlie, on the monarchial rock of ages, giving a firm direction towards improved literacy while his own performances are upfront centre stage. While the tower at Windsor Castle acts out the "toppling tower" card in the Egyptian Tarot; "Babylon is fallen, is fallen" in the biblical version.


The Director is superb on every scene of the flat earth action. Lights! Camera! Action! The United State Marines land in Somalia. An incredible mix of fact and fiction flashes across the screen. It looks great from up here in the gallery. But it gets a bit confusing for those still sitting in the pit, still taking themselves seriously. The left brain has no sense of humour.


The Royal Boxes on the High Observation Deck of the MOTHERSHIP are occupied by attentive Eternal Masters. Loa Tse, and King Wen think Saladin is doing great. In every scene The Play is greater than the players. To watch Divinity in Absolute Action is the intent of every Master's heart.


There is a special section in the Great Theatre of Mind reserved for senior citizens, and most of us are rolling in the isle. For this grand finale is especially hilarious once the chemical factory is overcome. We can take the porno scenes in stride. The body of evidence is overwhelming. Capricorn the Goat always did love to play in the high places with his horny devotees, as with the scenes of Indianna Jones and the secrets of the lost Ark.


For the Roman Catholic orientation the tone of each scenario was delightfully in keeping with the essence of the cosmic mystery. Oh My! what secrets lay behind the clerical mask of purity. And Our Lady of Fatima flits across the global stage in her own gracious, softly sensuous, etherial-spiritual way. What a set up! Each religion has received a special promise of its unique role in the Holy War of Armageddon. What a marvellous cosmic plot! The Aryans are obviously a mischievous bunch of pixies, gnomes and elves. By the time they are finished with you they leave you stripped of everything except your sense of humour. Which is probably the most valuable commodity the audience can take away at the conclusion of the play.


If you examine the screen play very carefully you can figure out who had a hand in every act. St. Paul and St. John did the remake of Ezekiel and Isaiah, Plato and Democritus (Capitalism and Communism) did their act until Nebuchadnezzar-Saladin stole the centre stage for Allah, Lord of the Ascending Stairway. From Hinduism we have learned about the "Dance of Shiva" when God dances on the dead bodies of Its devotees.

God comes to collect his r.o.i. The fruit on the tree of life. Man eats the meat of the fruit (the electron), till all that is left is the pip. Pip-Pip Hooray! Earth is left like a valley of dry bones. Yet "I will make this valley of dry bones bloom again" is The Promise of the Covenant.


The revelation of the Global Archives, the Akashic Record of the final Jihad between Gods and men has come at a time when technology was sufficiently developed to record the detail and the blow by blow battles for simian dominance in the physical world. My God! What a Joker Thou Art! The way you have led us poor apes up the garden path to the completion of the pantomime is quite hilarious.


YINners are WINners is the basic metaphysical premise. It means being the silent observer on the mountain top of consciousness and allowing no mortal thought to cloud your reflective mirror. It means staying in the Unified Field, Atlantis, to watch the show, till you see the whites of the enemies eyes.


In Canada we are particularly fortunate to have a front seat in the BIG BLITZKRIEG SHOW, in that we get the media views from both the American perception and the BBC World Service. This gives Canadians a much better opportunity to straddle the Abyss and stay steady on the isotope line between parallel worlds.


"The path is steep and narrow" said Our Mentor. To hold steady on the isotope line between parallel worlds is initially quite the balancing act. To stay on track one must first become an objective Neutroni, with allegiance to the Planet, not to any of the separative national patriarchal interests that hold sway over the critical mass.


Neutroni-stance is achieved by envisioning your self on a tight rope with two bags of balls, white and black, held in a yoke which you carry on your shoulders. The Black balls are like lead weights that serve the law of gravity. These are programmed NEGITRONS, (the God-negating element) which hold you grounded to the obsolete system. The white balls are like helium balloons tugging the mind in an upward direction to defy the law of gravity.


At first one bobs up and down a bit, like a cork on an incoming tide, moving above and below the isotope line between dimensions. But by consciously and objectively exploring all your programmed negitrons and cutting them loose one by one, you soon begin to feel the ceiling lifting. You can negotiate the worlds above or below the Abyss at will. (Cubit 3.3 + 6.6 = 9.9 where EVIL reads LIVE).


The BIG SHOW is great. But a conspiracy requires a conductor. As the facts mount up and public communication becomes bolder with every passing day, the average man on the street recognises that an age long conspiracy is mounting towards a definite conclusion. A growing sense of expectation fills the air.

Armageddon is a Psychotronic Blitzkrieg. The violent attack when the forces of heaven enter the battle to see that the earth child is safely born. This Child of Light is the product of millions of years of natural and spiritual co-operation between dimensions. In UFO terms encounters of the ongoing kind.


Every man, woman and child on Planet Earth today is involved in the Magnetic Blitzkrieg of STRIKE FORCE OMEGA. For the invisible Hand of God has taken earth to task. Each person has a direct line to Source as we go from fission to fusion or bust!


My God! what and ending! It is one in which every jot and tittle of all prophecy of all time is fulfilled. The object of this cubit is to activate a global blitzkrieg to SOLUTION. This grand finale of magnetic blitzkrieg must be in keeping with the magnificence of the whole. It is the uprising of the people to effect THY KINGDOM COME in a great concerted thrust to push intellectual density out of the "cave" and into the light. We have gone with The Devil as far as the bridge. Now its time to cross over.


The terms of the New World covenant are specific. The wages of sin is death. Those who have laboured long in the fields of the harvest, and the wages of those who have worked for but an hour are the same. For as Civil Unity explodes into global action at Blitzkrieg, 6.8, the human race moves beyond fission to FUSION, peace and prosperity and global unity of will to what is right. The initial force was called STRIKE FORCE OMEGA. It called all good men to take up their light-weapons and communicate. When that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall pass away.


Military strategy and tactics called for a covert operation, while the complete infrastructure for the Cosmic Changeover was set in place. Silent infiltration by the Unified Light Force and Star Fleet has gone on for over 30 years.


Our mission was of vital importance to planetary redemption. There is no such thing as a partial solution. Justice for One is Justice for All. Dignity for One is dignity for All. So it must be. Nature recycles her human molecules until She gets the perfect crystal seed, a DNA molecule fitted to the matrix of Spiritual Principle. Come take up your scythes and follow Her lead. Let us bring Our Lady's Harvest home.







The New Age of love is fantastic. It is without any of the pangs of the subjective love of painful adolescence. It is all about the bliss of objective love - the love of an object - GAIA! and every one of her marvellous microparts... including our incredible selves that can share Her Sacred Vision of how the planet should be.

1973 - 1976 was a vintage period for the action core of the ET. I know of six persons who were abducted in Ontario during this period.


Our abduction scenario took place in September. It was lucky that the first injunction of Metaphysics is, "Don't take yourself seriously. Take your metaphysics seriously". By moving quickly from the subjective to the objective viewpoint is a sure win move. That is to say by putting planetary concerns before personal considerations, we became active units in the ACTION CORE of SOLUTION while at the same time enjoying the unfoldment of the whole earth play, in 1973. (see 6.08 for the completion of this circuit).


The Action Core of the Grand Finale of the Cosmic Changeover is composed of those, who like their ancient forebears are in radio communication with the Control Tower of the MOTHERSHIP of consciousness. Up here, on the upper deck of our great Star Ship the morning mist has cleared away and we can see both forwards and backwards down the time tunnel of infinity.


Your Star-Crystal springs out of left-brain cement (Plato's Cave, in philosophy) as an ultimate reaction to Light. In preparation for this great event I had spent ten years in faithful performance to the Metaphysicians #1 Lesson - "Know Thyself". Even so, when on September 26-27, 1973 I was taken up in a Starship to undergo the rebirthing procedure (you must be born again) I was quite unprepared for the revelation I underwent.


This thickness of the left brain cement is horrendous. My most loving mother had carefully explained that getting a good job is the way to make progress in life. Dad had been a Civil Servant and this is what my ambition should rightfully be. Looking back in the rear view mirror it is clear to see that generations of parents had instilled the same goals of "getting ahead" in their offspring. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! Education gets you ahead in the consumers race! is the cry of the left-brain cement head.


Wheel and Whoa! Stop and think for a moment my Action Core friends. Come out of the house of bondage and lets go up to the Observation Deck of the MOTHERSHIP. On the Observation deck we can see that the Light Beings have everyone's vibe-telephone number. Anyone can tune in when their inner turbulence has died away and the line is not always busy with left-side roof brain chatter. Anyone, that is, who has broken free of the dominance of invisible mandarins and is not enshrined in solid left-brain bureaucratic cement.


As the MOTHERSHIP starts pulling away from her moorings it causes a lot of turbulence down-under as the tidal wave of light hitting the earth shakes up the cocoon of the Cosmic Egg that we have been nurtured in. The cement starts cracking, light comes in through the cracks; the egg-shell becomes transparent. Then comes the qwiff-pop reaction. The WEIGHT of bureaucracy starts shifting as the magnetic tug overcomes the gravitational drag.


NOTHING IS LOST - EVERYTHING IS TRANSFORMED at Window 8.6. The hardware, the steel structure, the gridwork of the Genesis One Play is (-1). It is fixed, firm, and inviolable. The software, (+1) the progeny of Adam and Eve is the flexible spiral that activates the system, until "time" returns to Light. Then we get a new beginning, a new genesis, a clean white stone, on which to cement a whole new play in the left brain world of matter. Yet (-1), Universal Law, remains eternally inviolable.


The "Secret of the Lost Ark" was mild in comparison to the living game of cement-cops and light-robbers the Action Core people in my group had to play. We were chased by the OPP, RCMP, CSIS, and the CIA. We had our share of corpses and more than our fair share of foul play. This nightmare had to end.


Action Core is best understood in the infinite process of RA-ATOM. RA is the masculine aspect of life, the potent sun ray. ATOM is the feminine principle, like a big balloon swelling in consciousness under the influence of the photosynthetic action of RA. Once free of divisive left brain cement, the "better than thou" phenomena, we are free at last. Man is one and the whole earth consciousness is one in the Matriarchal right brain world. Yet to build a civilization, one has to go with the Devil as far as the bridge. Then its time to take a straight look at the illusion and move to 8.6, the Action Core. Take Abraham for example, the great Patriarchal image of the generations. This man abandoned his wife and young son in the desert to die a horrible death, simply because he had no more use for them. Yet he is enshrined in our left brain cement as a hero.


The right-brain deals with the reality rather than programmed illusion. It enables each of us to hit the spiral vortex of 8.06, The Action core. This is where Lucifer, the Light Bearer, the irresistible force hits The Supraordinate Factor. These factors are given masculine and feminine names - but each is both and sexual identification is irrelevant.


However, in the days when the Patriarchal vibe was predominant, all negative connotations were invariably given with a female appellation. This is a major contributing factor to abuse of wives and offspring to this day. Left brain cement!


Patriarchal left-brain predominance is what blocks mankind into the "Cave". "All the kingdoms of the world will I give you" says The Devil as he flashes worldly goods and worldly success as a bait to get the lobsters into the trap.


Matriarchal right brain sanity seems insane to the left-hand brain, yet it is the law of abundant life. "Sell all your worldly good to feed the poor. Turn the other cheek. Give cloak with coat." says the right hand brain man.


The folks in Action Core, the human members of the UNIFIED LIGHT FORCES, are people who have been there. Been to the summit of left brain experience and appreciate the lead it has put in their intellectual boots. We will need this weight to combat the controlling forces of darkness as we implement the formula - "Turn Light, into weight into speed."


In philosophical terms the invisible mandarins are planning a new world order based in solid cement. The rules will be so tight that robotic beings will populate the earth, doing the JOBS JOBS JOBS for their cement enshrined masters.


ACTION CORE - is our vital and only avenue of escape from entombment in a dino-system so top heavy that its weight is crushing the lifeblood out of the earth. Invisible mandarins, highly sophisticated and outwardly civil are striving for the pinnacle of occult power.


But for us, the Children of the Christ-Light, one last magnetic blitzkrieg will finally push the action from mounting fission to instant fusion... CHAOS TO COSMOS


This was the mandate I undertook when I received the Cosmic Cube in 1973. "You can do it Win", the SUN KING said. So I did.







Adaptability is the key to the survival of any specie. The view across all natural history declares this to be so. Any decline in the natural intuition of a specie to survival causes extinction. The balances of nature are perfect in this respect. The specie makes a return on Her investment, or gets wiped out of the BOOK OF LIFE as an unrecoverable bad debt.


When we found the exit to this dimension, it was literally in the "nick of time." All the ancient cosmic physics speaks of it. A Fat female goddess earning a nitch in time in order to produce an offspring which is half human and half divine.


After the "Big Bang" erases all prior memory, the specie slides into instinctual entropy. This dis-ease is most common in white people. This gravitation drag increases until spiritual resistance is at its lowest ebb, and viral infections spreads until it reaches pandemic proportions of STUPIDITY. That is to say, believing that man can live by bread alone. Stupidity is the only unforgivable sin. It is both anti-natural and anti-spiritual. At Window 7.4, Time Sync. Dinosaurs meets Amen!


Affiliates find that on the inner vortex things are happening so fast that mind is travelling towards its destination at the speed of light. In contrast, events in the external world seem to be moving in sluggish slow motion, to greater entropy of human nobility and social meltdown.


At Window 7.4 we understand the growth of the cosmic chick within the material shell as a logical progression towards the inner light. The reality of THY KINGDOM COME in me is very clear. E.T. has clearly demonstrated that the outer shell of matter is just part of the equipment which we need to operate with in the physical dimension. Time-sync. makes clear the function of the Egyptian God, Horus, the Angel with the flaming sword who guards the re-entry Gate to the Garden of Eden in the biblical script. Immediately before the "Coming Forth By Day" the "Red Eye of Horus" opens to release all penetrating "cosmic fire" into our planetary sphere. The "Eye of Horus" function, burns down the old civilization into which each of us was born and raised; burns off the accumulation of "styx" of programmed infrastructure, rather like a forest brush fire which makes way for new growth in the Cosmic Springtime.


This is the function known as purgatory and hell in biblical scriptures. Physics-types might call it the collision of particles and anti-particles. Einstein's formula of relativity explains that pure energy can give birth to particles of mass.


Then the "smoke of her burning" dies away and we may enter the Temple of Isis. Now the function of Horus' twin brother "Thoth" comes into play. Thoth is the green eye of growth and restoration. He carries in his hand the symbol of the fully open lotus blossom from which springs the Ankh. The less false pride one has the quicker the internal death-birth process. During this process the cosmic egg shell goes from being like a cave wall to being crystal and transparent as "time" returns to Light.


In the pattern of Cosmic Design this internal combustion principle of thermo-dynamics is known as Zarg Awake. That is to say, God awakening in the flesh of each and every one of us and coming forth by day into the external world. Thoths' principle is "Partiality is the abomination of a God." It is this principle that establishes the Solar Cross within each one of us and leads to the peace that passeth understanding.


The Solar Cross is the first and second commandments to the Children of Israel, manifest in matter. The North-South pole of these magnetics is "Thou shalt love the Lord Thy God" and the East West Crossbar "And thy neighbour as thyself" which is the male and female aspects of the Divine Mind reconciled.


The equivalent biblical script which is given by St. Paul in his letter to the Hebrews makes it quite clear that he had been there. Obviously, from what St. John writes in Revelations, he, too, is familiar with this principle. Then we realise that the Horus-Thoth function has been known across the generations of man to high initiates in spiritual realms. Tolstoy describes it well. This is the "Egyptian Initiation," spoken of with awe across the generations of man.


The bible is the kindergarten version of a complex physics equation outlined by St. Paul in correspondence with the Hebrews, particularly in Chapter 10.


Our ariel space probe into the human psyche is complete when we re-attain our common CYCLOPEAN EYE. (Thanks, Brother Philip.) As our common eye of cosmic consciousness rolls like a beam of light in every direction, all the dark wrinkles in time get ironed out. This is what The Parent had in mind when He/She wrote the Play.


Hasn't it been interesting, this 666 exploration of man? Now the darkest secrets of the "cave" are all up front. It is an error to think that events in your life are accidental, or anything less than an expression of Divine Love's intent. It is time to polish smoky mirrors. The phallic erection of the dominant planetary beast rising out of the waters, has been exposed in all its patriarchal phases, on global TV. Animal man confuses the opposite poles of virulent sexuality with virulent spirituality. Which is quite the reverse of the order of things. One promotes fission, the other fusion. Only the time frame changes, not the simian intent.


"Mine is bigger than yours. My balls are heavier, therefore I am more virile" says each competitive ape, as he flashes his "BIG STICK" and his arsenal of weaponry. In this dance of the bull- moose, the lesser moose (?mice?) stand around, clearly outflanked. Their genitals in nooses the mice timidly admire the Great Erection of THE FORCE, fully aware of the political consequences of deflection, so claiming to be allies of the Strongest Beast.


There are better ways to express warrior potency. There are other phallic games besides lust, war, power, greed and sex; other ways to flash your virility in the halls of men.


Earth has been like a slave to The Beast. Man has helped to hold her in this rape and bondage state. Now "The Holy Cow" has broken out of the corral, out of the House of Bondage. She jumps over the Moon in triumph. The little god-dog laughs to see such fun, and yoni runs off with lingham, back through the ANKH. In the final triumphant moment of realization we all get to share the planetary orgasm, as the Inner vortex penetrates the Central Sun. As the tempo of the times quickens, "The Beast" evaporates like a dream while still waving his now rapidly-shrinking "big stick" in all directions. So much for The Rival Phallus of the Ante-Christ before the Omnipotent One.


The Word of God evolves to fit the acting out of E-motional real life situations. In political terms the so-called "New Order" of George Bush was in fact the Old Order grossly magnified. Fuck you United Nations! Fuck you Islam! Fuck you Japan! God bless America! as The Commander-in-Chief acts out our modern version of the American hero.


O Eternal Gods! O Immortal Zeitgeist! your divine sense of humour is registering! Yet there is wondrous logic in the games you play with men. "The Cave" is where the density of the dino-brain is so thick that no light can penetrate. This cave-man is beset with enemies everywhere in this eternal re-run of a childrens' movie matinee of cops and robbers. It amazed me to see that Ronald Reagan could act out the same role in so many different theatres with only wardrobe changes, and a limousine for a horse. But the SCRIPT being enacted is the SAME ONE that thrilled me back in the 1920's.


Mind and matter merge as one at 7th Heaven, built right here on earth, as each one moves from conscious yin reflection to active yang projection in the alternating energy circuit. Now tangible and intangible values take on equal value. Let us keep our Cyclopean Eye revolving. Keep making your IRIS CONNECTION. Rotate the Eye!


The "naked ape" stands erect, shaped up into Spiritual Man. "It's about time!" says Mother Nature, who is finally satisfied, having put the lads through their growing paces. She is right on!


The Cosmic Clock keeps perfect timing. 2003 is the year when the meter needle clicks into the time sync. and all the crystal bells start ringing. 1993 was the year that the United Nations designated as the "Year of the Indigenous People," and of course, although the first world has gone farther from its roots, the script says we have only one DNA bean between us, which I firmly believe, so every one of us is native to Planet Earth, even though we may have evolved through multiple Star Systems.


All numbers have a magical significance, and the number seven is of key importance in the bridgework between worlds. Here is where we regain the knowledge of our secret nature and become united with our True Selves. The transmutation is effected in the alchemists oven on the altar of the heart.


At Window 7.4, as a united human race, we can penetrate all the hidden symbols and analogies. For the Avatars and Angels who comprise the UNIFIED LIGHT FORCES, are now assembled here on earth.


Window 7.4 is the Circuit of the Coming of the Maitreya, the 5th and final Boddhisattva, whose written blessing I carry with me. The 5th Boddhisattva is bound to now do for matter what Buddha was decreed to do for mind. Revelations speaks of loosening the "Seven Seals" of the World to celebrate the Cosmic Changeover, of which I was decreed to be the Executive Director in 1973. The Window 7.4 Time-sync. signifies the advent of the long awaited 7th Cosmic Day. This is the "Coming Forth By Day" in the Egyptian, when we emerge from "The Cave" of Plato's analogy, and move from Earth to 7th Heaven.


The Skywoman of the Legend of the Indigenous People is our own Gaia-Galaxia. At Window 7.4 the Hopi prophecies and all the animal-icons give up their secrets. Pending Cube Masters are advised to see the native Animal Tarot Cards which synchronize with the Egyptian thesis in a strange and magical way.







The Meter Needle is our point of concentrated Sovereign Will. Healing energy and toxic energy mingle in the noosphere. To clean the biosphere we must first clean the noosphere. For decades the Ground Forces of landed Elohim and the Sky Forces have been bringing our common will into synchrony to complete this final TIME CIRCUIT (4.7/7.4)


In 1973 I went into The Control Tower of the MOTHERSHIP. The walls of this room are circular. They are covered with dials. Each dial has a meter needle which at first used to flicker erratically from left to right, as the ship passed through the influence of the "Wormwood Star". Now we are through the correctional Algorhythym Band, and locked into place in the higher magnetic field, the meter needles (4.7) are stilled.


The MOTHERSHIP has supermagnetic motors with no moving parts. These are now reactivated, operational and ready for takeoff. We are through the ANKH. We hit the 7.4 "Time Sink" in time for the implosion.


THE MOTHERSHIPS' Meter Needle fluctuates between the strong nuclear force of gravity and the weak nuclear force of the high heavens. In the coning tower we see how we will shortly break the law of gravity by the drag of our common will to "Thy Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven".


First one meter needle becomes fully erect and locks into its unique magnetic place. This marks our docking in hyperspace. After the first connection, it starts happening to the others. First to one, then to two, then to a few, then to many. Intellect balks at a glimpse of the size of the Mothership's gears.


THE MOTHERSHIP ploughs steadily through the Cosmos with no regard for obstacles, bent only on mission. All Heaven is watching, as finally all the dials on the Mother Ship stand to attention. We are home in the Unified Field.



This represents the crystallization of the harmony of the spheres. Supermagnet motors with no moving parts are real. This is the MOTHERSHIP back in solid state perfection.


The Mothership Superconductor sucks in then filters human energy. It might be called an interdimensional harvester. When all impurities and interference circuits are cleared, the mind becomes as a diamond, which acts as a meter needle and allows the mind to focus the highest energy in the universe for the good of all.


As we align the magic triangle (4.1) of discipline, desire and spiritual humility in perfect balance we pop through to the next level. We become one with our "Meter Needle" on the MOTHERSHIP. The appetite for consciousness grows with eating. By focusing on the magnificence of Nature we glimpse the mind behind cosmic design.


Our "Meter Needle" is the burning tip of conscious awareness, BTCA, which processes all data passed along by the senses. Failure to reconcile information received from the right and left hemispheres, the logical and intuitive parts of the brain, results in internal conflict and a breakdown in the smooth functioning of the identity, whether this be in an individual, corporate or a national entity.


Cubical wavefield thought resolves internal conflict, which rapidly extends to the resolution of external conflict, Cubit 4.7 and its completion circuit, 7.4 Time Sync, deals with the cessation of the antipathy-sympathy swing of the personality pendulum, or the end of tort-retort, in the conscious mind. (See diagram on page 42 of "Metaphysics, What Is It?")


The left or analytical hemisphere of the mind rejects supernatural sources of information. The intuitive right hemisphere senses a higher power behind creation. The "Meter Needle" fluctuates between the tugs of strong and weak conflicting electromagnetic wavefields until the BTCA hits the isotope line and re-attunement with Universal Mind is attained on a much higher level of evolution than was previously understood. This is circuit 4.7/7.4 complete. During the interim between "the fall" and "regeneration" the will of Universal Mind is manifested in matter in a specific series of evolutionary goals: the wheel, fire, sanitation, mechanization, high technology, and the "signs in the sky" known as UFO's.


"Time" vanishes the moment the "Meter Needle" hits the isotope line. At this point human thought has reattained attunement with the Unifield, or Universal Mind. It is the YIN YANG ERA of perfect equilibrium in a higher state of consciousness than ever previously attained in this planetary (Starship) system. Ancient records, most particularly the physics in the hidden Books of Moses and Solomon, and the most modern 20th Century physics, coincide as the global "Meter Needle" verifies this 4.7/7.4 circuit. At this point the quavering reptilian brain, governed by fear and dark superstition, collapses overnight.


Meter Needle fluctuation is the enemy within. It reflects human emotions such as fear, jealousy, guilt, insecurity, which have the effect of making a person paranoid. This prevents the accumulation of real "wealth" in the Infinite dimension, which is based on the number of beauty quarks orbiting in each square cubit of the Supreme Identity. This is how the Ultimate You is born to be the "Bride of Christ!"


When the Meter Needle is perfectly erect, "Adam", realigned with the original magnetic field, passes through the Ankh or "Needle's Eye" to re-attain the "Perfect Speed of Light. "Let us make man in our own image", The Creator says. In Western culture, God, The Cosmic Lover, is rarely mentioned. The idea of God expressed as an erotic being is a common conception in Eastern culture. While the Bible speaks of expectant "Virgins with oil in their lamps" waiting to greet the coming Bridegroom - in eastern cultures, knowing "God The Lover" is considered to be the ultimate knowledge of the Divine.


Cubit 4.7, the meter needle, is like a morphogenetic tuning fork, which resonates in the generative chakra, so activating all the rest. Hitting the 4.7 note is primarily a matter of fig-leaf surrender to the point of attaining sexual harmonics with The Parent. Its called rapture. This is the note of Creative Intelligence at its Zenith. The moment of the BIG BANG. The dispersal of the God-sperm into the Cosmic Vagina. The beginning of a new evolutionary journey in the MOTHERSHIP, the Cosmic Womb of "time".


At Circuit 4.7/7.4 the Cube Master's "Meter Needle" attains the velocity of "Dance for me on the head of a pin" and he/she is one with the unified field. The electromagnetic field lights up, as all of the light cones in the spectrum swirl into balance. The "white light tachyon" speed in the ultimate "dance" matches the pitch of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, L.O.V.E., Limitless Oscillating Vibration Energy. This is understood at VPS 55x10 to the 24th power to VPS 55x10 to the 31st power as a conscious experience. "The parent and I are One".


This is the origin of Easter and rebirth metaphor. All religions are based on variations of Sun-Moon, Yin-Yang. ie. "I willingly submit to being crucified on the Solar Cross, and so becoming purified". This is the shattering of the pot, described by Jesus Christ when speaking of his dealings with The Father. As one is caught in the connubial energetics of (-1) the immovable object, the matrix, being acted upon by (+1), the irresistible force. In psychological terms both ego and superego will die in the cancellation battle. But from this union will arise The Spiritual Mind, Lord of Righteousness, and the emergence of the King of Kings, who shall rule the nations with a rod of electromagnetic iron. 4.7 heralds The Risen Christ; God Incarnate. Come in one Supreme Identity Garment, yet risen simultaneously in all its macroparts, like a wall of light, composed of shining human beings.


God Realization is a synthetic event. A Universal event, not a planetary or localized phenomena. THE AEON OF CHRIST; THE AGE OF MESSIAHSHIP; RETURN TO THE LOST, UNDIVIDED CONTINENT OF ATLANTIS; are all ways of expressing Circuit 4.7 (and its completion circuit 7.4, The Timing). 4.7, The Meter Needle is the majestic spiritual stance by which the whole planetary system "qwiff-pops" through the Ankh, or Eye of The Electromagnetic Needle. This is the Second Coming of the Divine Spirit; "When the Saints come Marching In".

The crown jewels needed a specific setting in the time space continuum to become fully effective. The 13th Tribe were lifted into future-time in order to make a loop at the end of the Universe, as is described in the "Book of Thoth" pages 11-16. Then we had to wait until (+T) caught up with our timeless perspective. Medieval philosophers use abstract ideas to relate above-below worlds, to make a map of the Universal function. Earth is the throne of spirit. Weight is a function of the curvature of space- time continuum. Its magnetic virtue is fiery, its conductivity is air.







A Blueprint has to be CONSISTENT. To this end we have tested for 30 years to eliminate inconsistencies from the BLUEPRINT of Genesis II. Since 1983 THE MOTHERSHIP has been broadcasting a coherent program for shredding the old social fabric so that everyone could step right through into ATLANTIS.


The BLUEPRINT for Future Man or True Humane Being is an extension of the Original Blueprint for this planetary system. It shows how the unfoldment has been accomplished with precision accuracy from Alpha to Omega.


Structured religion, is the womb of man's growing SPIRITUALITY during the developmental age. Mature spirituality allows an harmonic convergence back into the ONE IDEA.


The COSMIC CUBE (Crystal of Atlantis) reveals and consolidates the Mystery of God from the first arrival of the LIGHT BEINGS - right through to the SECOND COMING of THE LIGHT. All consciousness is geared to attain the planetary objective.


At the climax of the Earth play "time" returns to light; putrification achieves purification via a time-bomb sequence of cultural shocks in a wake-up technique known as the "ATLANTEAN FIRECRACKER."


The 4.4 Blueprint for the New Heaven and the New Earth, was set in place before "time", as such, began. Its modern reproduction, is taken from the Akashic Record of the MOTHERSHIP.


This was exactly 7 Years or 91 Moon cycles after it had been thoroughly tested by the 136 members of the 13th Tribe - Generation One. THE COSMIC CUBE Window 4.4, lets us take a look at the METHODOLOGY in conjunction with the HOLY EARTH FAMILY.


This method-view includes a panorama of the strategy, tactics and methodology used to manifest "THY KINGDOM COME ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN" or the conquest of MEST (Matter, Energy, Time and Space). 4.4 is the MATRIX OF THE UNIVERSE REBORN - REGENERATED - REVITALIZED. The decisive battle between the forces of GOOD and the EVIL is won at 4.2. Hail Gaia-Galaxia! OUR LADY OF VICTORY! Gaia-Galaxia is a single organism which now emerges with a higher degree of dynamic tension and complexity than ever known before, to be served by a whole New Specie, Maturated, or True Man.


Scientists know exactly how this (-1) Feminine Source vs. (+1) Masculine Force happens. But all separative-minded professionals use a mumbo-jumbo which omits the key element of the Cosmic Lovers, eager to raise an earthly family.


Imagine a bunch of ping pong balls all bouncing around in space. There is a central ball (the heavyweight) which knocks these pixels off course in a growing fission.... such as is being employed in Cyberspace. Once one ball (psi particle) completes its magnetic journey all the other balls are brought into fusion. It is like a male sperm penetrating a female egg. But only the matched pair of yin-yang units can complete the merger.

The ONLY WAY to build a "Pyramid" - or "Pyramid of Fire" is from the top down. For this we first had to drill to the centre of the "Crystal Earth" to get to SHAMBALLAH. Once the principle of parallel dimensions is understood, the Egyptian "Book of the Dead" comes alive in the hieroglyphics on the walls of the tunnels in the tombs in the "Valley Of The Kings."


Even as the tapestry of our 20th Century lives gets all LIT UP as we travel back down the labyrinth of our being here-now in ULTIMATE APPRECIATION of THE GOD OF LOVE. In the book "UNIVERSAL LAW AND UFOLOGY" - I describe how, at the Equinox of the Gods in 1981 I stood in the Chamber of Isis with the Elohimic Company.


There is (-1) the IMMOVABLE OBJECT and there is (+1) the IRRESISTIBLE FORCE the mobile mind unit. Before the Big Bang each (+1) "Pixel" had a (-1) bar code number printed on it, so to speak. The trick is to get your ball into the right slot in the Original Picture of the finished product. Pixels move from steam to droplets of water, to streams to rivulets to rivers, to a tidal wave all coming into the Central Sea. Its like a holograph solidifying from mist to matter.


The question is "Are you waiting for God or is God waiting for you?" Ask where do I fit in. Which is my stream? Where is my River? Please lead me into the light.


"O MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE: Let the reign of Divine Love, Truth and Wisdom, be established in me as in all the world. Help me to understand and carry out THY WILL this day, that all the world may be helped by THY POWER in me... Amen!"