.we reject the homogenised automated artificial state we reject the manipulated social construct we reject all threats, provocations and invasions we reject the artificial insemination of false values we reject the militarised hijack of our magnetic field we reject psychological, emotional and intellectual manipulation we reject the holographic earth and all mirages we reject the economic basis of the state we reject the maltreatment of all native populations we reject the fraudulence and deception of the artificial state we reject all assaults on intelligence we reject the commercialisation of all channels we reject all attempts at domination we reject the war against nature and all harrassments we reject genetic engineering and intrusion we reject the invasion of all privacies we reject all weaponised public technologies we reject the exploitation of children we reject all disrespects we reject intimidations we reject all counterfeits and theft we reject all interference in relations we reject the worship of the flesh and all vanities we reject technological government we reject the false construct of time we reject all lies and tyrants we reject consumerism and materialistic pursuits we reject all arrogance 0067-135 we reject the infiltration of the state via coercive means we reject the undermining of the sovereign state via these means we reject the extortion of privacies via these means we reject the storage of privacies with the artificial state