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Emergency Powers : Abuse Of

10 cases of Covid 19 - is not a pandemic, nor does it warrant the actioning of Statewide Emergency Powers and Lockdown. Premier and Health Officer must respect that emergency powers can only be used in the case of an actual emergency. 10 cases is not an emergency. Emergency is reached when health systems become overburdened, and/or fatality rates rise higher than expected rates in all previous years during viral outbreaks, which are nothing new.

If this happens again, that the State Government ABUSE their Emergency Powers over miniscule case numbers, We the People are free to sue State Government, and every business closure, denying us service and proper daily functioning, denying us access to health services such as massage, meditation, yoga for well being, swimming and other forms of exercise necessary to maintain good health, psychological abuse through isolation, prevention of career progress, education, income and stunting life processes, and for harrassment to divulge personal details without just cause at the entrance of shops and supermarkets, with a 5 year prison term sought as the charge for these breaches of our rights.

If it's not an emergency, don't declare one. "But we're trying to prevent an emergency." So we agree there isn't one.


Should I turn up at the ER of a hospital for a broken finger nail?

When case numbers rise, the amount of 10 is not an emergency. Out of 7 million people in Victoria, 10 is nowhere near an emergency. To lockdown rural towns and metropolitan suburbs which are untouched by the virus, is a total abuse of emergency powers. Only those areas affected should be restricted and mostly only high risk groups should be isolated.

Anything more outrageous than this is a war crime as far as I am concerned. Cruel and inhumane treatment of innocent people must not continue.

This is your final warning.


Further threatening the populace to vaccinate is a human rights atrocity marked and noted by the High Court.


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