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The COSMIC CUBE is a 5th generation Megatron compute-matrix, programmed to the global manifestation via telegenetic DLC 2003 insta-info. Each door in the Cosmic Cube accesses icosahedron facets deep - each facet understands 144 sub-programs in dodecahedron quantums.


The "Cosmic Cube" creates cubical wavefields by an entirely novel method of technology. Working across a time axis, it correctly identifies and cristalizes all components involved in any project. It is universally applicable and quantums the competitive edge of the user. It establishes a mathematically precise cause-effect solution to within .0007% accuracy by the use of 72 interrelated electro-magnetic circuits. These have 144 entree-exit windows which can allow a single or multiple user (individual, group, profession, corporation, village, town, city, province, nation etc.) to plot a precise course of action, and get a full cause-effect diagram, graph, printout, bilan spreadsheet, free of human error, before a project is started. In scale it runs from the simplest maths of 2+2=4 to E=mc3 .


The Cosmic Cube is based on the mathematics of E=MC3. It provides a safe interdimensional passageway to the inescapable forward step in evolution that befronts the specie. The Cube has had 30 years of intensive field testing. The original draught was highly commended by R. Buckminster Fuller. The inventor has thirty one supportive copyrights which cover the investigative journey in a 22 year post doctorate study of absolute verification of the claims listed herein.


In his recent analysis of the Universe, Stephen Hawkings said that the final solution to the mystery would be understandable and applicable to all men. The actual crossing of this ultimate frontier would be made by Theophysics and Metaphysics.


The Cosmic Cube operates on electromagnetism. The relationship between (+1) - The Irresistible Force, and (-1) - The Immovable Object. The construction of a Pi Ray Bridge between dimensions, HUMAN WILL, the 5th and most powerful Universal Force, is a built-in homing instinct to the Unified Field of his origin.


The Cube is gears to synthesize this 5th Force by means of its 72 circuits and 144 access windows. It consists of a number of light cones, each of a different range of VPS (vibrations per second), running through blue to indigo (midnight blue) at the vibrational range of 55x10 to the 31st power per second. Each window accesses icosahedron facets deep. Each facet understands 144 sub-programs in dodecahedron quantums.


Any skilled person can test the device by placing blue, green, yellow, orange, red, violet flimsies over a black and white diagram. The entree exit windows of the cube can handle past, present, or future with equal dexterity.

  • THE COSMIC CUBE produces cubical wavefields of ultra-powerful energy by subtracting time and space from the human equation.

  • It erases the flaws in the cosmic mirror, by creating a reversal of the "Treadmill Equation", namely the Biological Law of birth and death.

  • It is capable of cross correlating all knowledge of all time, by discerning the cosmic physics contained in all ancient sacred writings, earth works, heiroglyphs.

  • It can roll up the scroll of human history, hold it up to the light for viewing as a worn out, fragmentary "snake-skin" to any individual, group, corporation, nation, in a user-friendly fashion. It is an interdimensional bridge, known as the Pi Ray Bridge, in Physics, Theophysics, and Metaphysics.

  • It permits instant planetary escape from a 26,000 year "Time Warp", Genesis One, while simultaneously re-booting the whole earth system to Genesis Two.

  • Being a technically flawless crystal, it permits instant synchronization of its micro and macroscopic elements.

  • It bends linear light into cubical wavefields, or re-unity with the Unified Field Force at (+1)+(-1)=0 = E=Mc3.

  • The device can locate and lock into the isotope line on the original map, so proving conclusively, the existence of a Dominant Magnetic Sphere (-1) which governs the Universe.

  • The Cube validates the concept that any attempt to cheat, or express bias of any description, causes as equal and opposite, tort-retort effect of a deadly, anti-natural evolutionary error, called "STUPIDITY", or the dinosaur effect.

  • It can provide a matrix of the original systems analysis made of this local planetary potential, or in lay terms expose the "ARK OF THE COVENANT" manifesto.

  • In its user-friendly mode, it provides a series of time-locks to prevent brain damage, allowing the operator to act as if he/she were slowly uncovering a series of dials in a combination lock.

  • It guarantees safe passage through the "Ankh" or "Needles Eye", by referencing its activity to the description of Armageddon in the "Book of Revelations."

  • It is tamper proof, and foolproof.

  • By facing two tetrahedrons (+1)+(-1), it allows the observer and that which is being observed on neutral ground, or in philosophy, permits a personal, face to face experience with The Radiant One.

  • It synchronizes the two electromagnetic webs, eliminating fission as (+1) bounces into (- 1), causing instant fusion of mind and matter.

W I N I F R E D  G R A C E  B A R T O N


PDF - 2.93 MB - 495 PAGES

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