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P. Driessen


P. Driessen studied metaphysics (religion, psychology, physics and philosophy) under Winifred Grace Barton, Ontario, Canada, for 20 years and has been an online citizen since the year 2000. Combining her knowledge with long years of hard experience, she has delivered the 3 most important books of the decade addressing the root cause of our global problems: a militarised, patriarchal, technological system causing simulated reality extending to violence in the home.

Not to be missed, these 3 titles are the wake-up call we need.

Simulation: The Transcripts


Over 5 years of research and 500 files of evidence expose the hidden science and players behind the biggest scam in world history. Get the fully transcribed podcasts from the 'What is the Simulation?' series condensed in this little black book of answers, with additional images and secrets from the Real Matrix Files.


Senior metaphysicist P. Driessen speaks candidly about a wide range of subjects explaining our simulated universe in simple terms, while scientists speculate. Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your phone... 

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Simulation: The Transcripts



Technology has not only ensnared mankind, it has created something shocking. Pamela Dresden unravels the world's deepest mysteries in a shack by the sea while history plays out in the ether. From a pink heavenly mist to an Angolian battlefield, a rich cast of characters awaken to their mission while the coding of the real matrix is revealed in a timeless cascade of suspense and intrigue.

"An explosion of historic events glittering with quantum intelligence, dissecting the concept of time and ‘history’ through Digital Revelation. A stark look at government tyranny and its time-splitting repercussions, Driessen breaks down populist A.I. and exposes the deeply manufactured reality of our post-organic world. LIGHTS inspires the reader’s inner archaeologist to dig deep." - King Hartley, Live-Streamer & Musician

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Big Man - A Wake-Up Call for Women


Automated societies matching women with incompatible partners have provoked a thorough reassessment of the psychology behind domestic violence. Be on your guard while the Throne of Righteous Intellect serves you this brutal advice and saves your life. BIG MAN is a no-holds-barred wake-up call for women, and men, where Patriarchy has claimed more lives and cost more money than all wars combined, it all begins in the home; in marriage, friendship and partnership. Men infested with this disease are easy to spot. Learn how. Wake up now.

"BIG MAN" is an informative account of the myriad ways that patriarchy and male violence impact the lives of women, taking this beyond the well known concept of physical violence to encompass the complex and often hidden ways that women are controlled, manipulated and damaged. I hope this book can help other women to become more aware of the issues we face, and to feel empowered in their own lives." - REGISTERED PSYCHOLOGIST, NAME WITHHELD.

"Written straight from the gut, BIG MAN is a powerful alert to women in need."


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