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Peace at the Expense of Sovereignty


Who is IBM to dictate to the entire world a way of the future presupposed as an economic bartering of dignity for money, then support this evil scheme with deliberate artifice in every office where the worker is first made lazy and eventually redundant because of the robotic machinery it hopes to employ as a satisfactory substitute for the ethic of community contribution to an abundant and thriving progress?


Who is Google, or any other grotesque embellishment of lazy arrogance, tasked with the complete subjugation of the human race to a search engine and automated tracking on hand-held toy machines where the individual is stripped of all his rights to support an insane parasitic assault for the benefit of supposed 'free services' that can only be maintained through advertising??


That these people bring the entire globe to ruin through the bile of advertising and thus tracking, on the person, 24-7, is not only the worst idea in history, but the most ignorant and devoid of any sense of dignity whatsoever, and it is supported every minute by the Silicon Valley gimps of intellectual disease whose commitment to a cause extends only to his own wallet while the better interests of humanity as a whole are eaten up as dessert at a banquet of pigs.


Who is Facebook to muddy the waters of cultural integrity, by concocting a web of slime between peoples whose senses are dazzled and dazed in a mist of dopamine hits where reward has now been normalised as a cocaine rush in the elevator of temporary satisfaction, or the government of any nation to decide that the State is best served by this same slimey approach to economic advancement at the expense of cultural enrichment where the pedestal for progress is held up by fellow humans with whom we share no common interest other than paychecks and the insipid vanity of feigned brotherly love which disintegrates at the first sign of trouble.


Like castles made of sand, even the most noble of spiritual pursuits cannot succeed when the thieves in the temple base an entire agenda not on the precept alone, but confuse it with threats of social castration and guilt if we even dare point it out, that our physical reality has no effect whatever on our innermost hearts when our external reality constantly presents switching scenes of brothers and enemies of different skins and the culture wars this grotesque error has provoked all over the world, until such time as even the most fortuitous man succumbs to the apathy relied upon by companies whose work to date has relegated them to the lowest positions of slovenly cunning and deceit.

Are you my brother? Yes you are. Do I acknowledge where you rightfully belong? Yes I do. Do I, or you, need to be the recipients of dictated nonsense such as artificial intelligence and childish machine toys, phones, apps, ca-ching ca-ching, to understand and furthermore propagate, the common decency and integrity required to thrive as individuals and as a collective? No, we do not.

On the contrary, these slithering approaches to world peace at the expense of dignity and cultural integrity bring ruin to the human pride, ethic and finally, the will to live or die, for any greater cause.


When the human response to issues of importance becomes the grunt of an ape launching insult at facts to feed his temporary ego-hit, we have become the lowest and most degenerated specie, not of integrity, but of apathy posing as heroism in a toxic waste dump of cyber-cowardice which extends into every day life and imprisons all people in a single keystroke.


A keystroke, invented by the IBMs whose fantasy of military infection by machine in the hands of the people, the computer, the internet, the loud American twang of spiritual deafness, for the purpose of presumed peace at all costs and specifically the cost of every human right ordained to the psychological well-being of the individual and the whole; a keystroke nuke of everything that was ever sacred and fought for by those same men who died on battlefields for YOUR freedom, now abused by public apathy and corporate interests... they call this invention "Twitter", and they run their propaganda and lies campaigns via this banal system where not a single word can be taken as legitimate nor sincere, and the press itself becomes the bilious belch of wasted potential to at least inform with Respect.


PARASITE = takers regardless of race, that niggling nagging whine and futile but lethal effort made by all above, to syphon the content of individual genius into the collective whirlpool of half-measures, the indolent whose best shot at genuine purpose is the selfie or the like, the be-seen's and the I-am-speaking garbage now's; the constant invasion of nations by handshakes and wars from abroad reflected in the behaviour of the schoolyard and the average workplace where cunning, artifice and trickery has been rewarded while its parasitic nature remains veiled behind 'innnovation', 'business', 'toughened up' and cyber-fame for nothing - is the 2 billion humans in a mutually parasitic relationship with evil parading as peace while these systems rake every last cent and deposit it directly into their own agenda of global domination to dictate the worst doctrine and to rule with the least intelligence, permanently.


Since the enemy in every respect is a bad idea, no matter where it arises nor from whom, then the bad idea is the point of disengagement. It is the bad idea that needs to be exterminated and how is that done most efficiently?


Lodge your solution here:

A) uninstall social media apps from mobile devices
B) deactivate all social accounts and email
C) discard the smartphone and revert to netless cell
D) ignore mainstream media
E) all of the above
F) >your additional remedy here<


Now watch as the encumbered human grapples with his conflict of interest when he realises this is the way it must be, or further he justifies and rationalises his use of the bad ideas at his disposal, bad ideas that he was connived into believing were the necessity of the age, and this lie is the worst lie ever to be spat at the human race.

They lie for money, and money, is not the foundation of the State. This is why Big Tek are the ultimate parasites who 'pull at the very fabric of life until there is nothing left but a thread' and they will cut that too unless you cut them off.

Are you 'man enough' to acknowledge that you were fooled and take action to prevent it from happening to anyone else, or will you lie to yourself as a coward might, too proud to admit error and correct it, while the next generation become your ever present enemy of the State.

Are you reading this on your Parasite Phone.


"Multi-Culturalism" as the extinguisher of cultural integrity and identity:


The numerous online forums boasting flags and places of origin, mingling with the all though the whole where the result is unintelligent squabbling and the flattened dough of stale bread. The cess pool of average to bad ideas sprouting from an illiterate public holding the balance of power while Pocket Parasites record every word typed in their sewer of disrespect and it is called Progress by the lobotomised information technology subhumans and their mutually-dependent lice.


Should you ever hope to conceive the power of the written word now is the time to take shelter or fight the foul orators whose babbling buffoonery promotes the muddiest and most evil ideas ever in history.


Right now there is a torrent of bile surging overhead as bite-sized poorly written news items on a hijack terrorist network called Twitter and this is where the 'great men' find the hour of their small praises sufficient to substitute the spine of every nation with that of a snake and you whom support it are among the parasites of the 21st century no less than the bad ideas extinguished in previous eras through brutal extermination in camps.


You were blinded by the parasite itself, a maggot lodged squarely between your eyes summoning your devotion to metallic devices and servitude to artifice. Your first hurdle is such and without self-honesty you will remain the parasites of the Great Parasite.


There has never been a more degenerate state of humanity in all of history. Where the guillotine and the torture rack once presided with at least some measure of clarity and finality, you take your thrill from swimming in a sea of headlice, if only to be at once seen to exist, in the eyes of the Great Parasite and you do this with no shame on account of your blindness.


How deafened have you become by this Parasite, the Machine, the Code, the App, the Phone, the Pocket Parasite infecting your home under constant surveillance as if all your human rights were protected by some form of ludicrous magic only the most deluded fantasy could conjure.


The reality is you have no rights left. Not here. Not where you are forced, under the banner of free speech, to remain open to attack from all sides, as the Maggot penetrates between your eyes to blind you forever.


The extraction of a principle from a bygone era, that the State is first honoured by individual sovereignty and brotherhood among one's own nature and kin, serves perfectly as a warning that you whom seek to destroy the fabric of life as parasites of the Parasite, and the Giant Maggot itself, that castles made of sand, tyranny unseen but revealed, are soon to meet a fate worse than death.


Millions of lives are in your hand when you reach for your Pocket Parasite and what you do is what will be done to you at such magnification you will be the ant in the scorching laser beam of the magnifying glass as the Sun penetrates with His Will.


Your overlords are nothing more than advertisement publishers pushing psychological assault and you allow these insipid and filthy invaders a room in your mindspace with grand gestures of delusion that you are mightier than the subliminal that your blindness cannot even locate. Such is the rewarded ego of the ape, and the parasite whose sole loyalty is to his own self-image, at any cost.

You strap your children with their own Pocket Parasite, as a Jihadist straps a devotee with a suicide bomb, and laugh over your latte while their neurons become infected with the Parasite delighting in the artificial recognition received through a Selfie and a Like and were this fact of the matter put to those presumably in charge of such a hideous violation what would we hear: "Innovation. Money. Progress. Unity. Social Issues."

Even worse they will dare to utter the word "Love" in amongst their lies and conceit as if the word of itself can stand down the tornado of destruction being wrought on every human life.

Collective insanity has reached its zenith and there is no app for that, no algorithm to cure it, no screen so filled with genius that will convince the illiterate that his rights must not be blown to smitherines.

The devotee of the Pocket Parasite will understand it when the pain of the punishment strikes, or, by magic, when the penetration of Truth is exacted through the heart of the Great Parasite thereby shattering all delusion and for that purpose be advised that the Code for such a penetration has been cracked.


Since 'as above so below' was not a sufficient approach to overcoming the initial stages of this invasion by the parasitic and the profane whom simultaneously destroyed human rights and imprisoned the globe in geolocation, these swine are to be met in the mud with the same destruction of all meaning, of human life, of integrity and respect, and they will come to understand Destruction as the Positive Force that terminates the technology parasite and banishes it from all homes and societies, as permanently as they feel entitled to believe they have rendered us helpless, devoted and imprisoned to their whim, their next update, their next puerile engineering fix, their next cheap ad, their next swiped contacts list, their next 120 million invasions of privacy met with only the slap on the wrist the puppets of Zuckerberg can buy their way out of because their masters are one and the same; the fool who believes the State is economic.


Sell outs. Every single one and God forbid that any of them suffer with the pretence to be a parent, or an honest man.


"Z Systems for Mobile" "Read more about our partnership with Apple"


There is not a more evil feed of stunted sentences vomited on Twitter than that of IBM whose sophistry has been seated in the White House since Woodrow Wilson, like a slug sloshing slime and ooze all over the carpets of honour in the halls where they con and cajole and manipulate not just the United States, but in every nation they have dared to be seen and heard without shame, for profit.


From their inception they dwell in the realm of anti-life under the banner of "World Peace through World Trade" as boorish dinosaurs whose lack of legitimate intelligence failed to grasp the basic meaning of the State since at least 1911.


These backdoorers, subordinates, ordinaries, puffing themselves up on fancy gadgets and shiny metal, releasing the most deadly virus on the planet in all of history, through the airwaves, are less than subhuman on account of their ignorance, and less than maggot on account of their slovenly arrogance and pride.


But pigs do love mud which could be forgiven if this pen of pigs were not selling mud at the same price as gold and lying about their agenda. The animal kingdom at least understands a level of honesty about its own environment but these swine are oblivious to the stench kicked up by all their racketeering.

They've infected every office, every school, every screen, every radio wave and deserve no mercy when the Swastika strikes.


When the data miner raises his head from the swamp, there the Lord of the Flies is recognised: the Giant Maggot whose sole source of sustenance is the intellectual property of others, the passions and human spirit of others, the betrayed Trust of others, the exploitation of the innocent and naïve, the blatant prostitution of the child, the elderly, the poor.


This Great Parasite wherever he is found is a greater foe than any interest bearing banker. His methods are more evil than any small print. His beliefs are more rancid than a filthy public toilet.


He believes he is entitled to all of it. Through no work of his own except a simple algorithm and purchased backdoor key, he saunters in unannounced and hides in the shadows more cowardly than any other lifeform on the earth. He hides behind delusional agreements, handshakes, lectures and projectors in university classrooms glad to call himself an equal with his academic peers who neither have the capacity to create nor understand the powers of creation.


The data miner is he whom covertly extracts the tiniest morsels of every human conversation and eats it for his next meal.

There has never been a worse brain-eating Parasite than this man, not for his ignorance but for his arrogance and blatant violation of human rights, he will pretend to attend in some minor clause in whatever jargon contract we presumably signed upon entry, that undisclosed section of fine print that none of us saw because it does not exist, and what of the United States of America for allowing this tyrant into our homes unchecked?

The allowance of it is to liken oneself to it, to be complicit with Parasitism in its most lethal form, and which intelligence agency has observed it and not once thought it to be violatory, nor even acted to prevent it.

Human waste at the pinnacle of progress doth not a future make but of imminent Death.


Throw your Parasite Phone in the garbage or be counted as among the worst parasites and murderers the world has ever known to be exterminated through the power of humiliation and rejection from the Book of LIFE.

The computer simulation you are living in is IBM System 360.

Uninstall social media apps from mobile devices. 

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