based in melbourne australia, these services are available to local clients.


to make an appointment, contact me directly by phone on :


0447 733 078


texts are auto-deleted so please call to make sure you reach me.


select one or as many as you like to experience the benefits of healing from the inside out.


prices vary and each treatment can be adjusted to suit individual needs.


the energy field around your body has information in it which can be read to give you insights on how to assist you with any problems you may be having. it's also a great way to affirm your strengths and to focus on self-development. session includes a physical reading for any problem spots, discussion, meditation and single card reading.

1hr $70


as it says. a peek into your current life situation with access to possible outcomes to give you clarity in the decisions you make with a focus on being true to yourself. session includes a single card reading and discussion. 

1hr $70


Angel cards, Contact cards, White Light Healing cards and Rune Stones available. we'll select the right deck for you for a full reading to reveal what's going on underneath the surface that you have not been paying attention to. this session is great for deepening your connection to your real self and offers guidance on current issues.

1hr $60



enjoy the peace and quiet of a private guided meditation for you to focus only on your inner self. this session grounds you and centers you, realigning your energy with calmness and good health. great for clearing the mind and de-stressing. can include a healing to suit your needs.

1hr $50


become a participant in your own healing with a guided meditation to cleanse your aura of impurities and your physical body of discomfort. this is a guided session to help you heal yourself. includes discussion and single card reading.

1hr $70



a one hour treatment for you to receive an infusion of divine healing energy to assist with physical issues and clear emotional imbalances. includes discussion.


1hr $70


using your voice to bring harmony to body and mind, this session is perfect for increasing confidence with self-expression and learning the power of your voice to heal, realign and become grounded in the here and now.

40mins $50