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In his autobiography TOTAL RECALL, Arnold Schwarzenegger points out the conditions under which low-risk offenders serve their sentence: instead of jail, they are monitored by GPS and held under house arrest.

  • All smartphones, apps and social media track the user - YES YOU

  • Lockdowns are house arrest - YES YOU

  • Checking-in at retail outlets - YES YOU

We should not be subjected to incarceration rules, as free and innocent people, under any circumstances whatsoever. If you agree to this treatment, you have no regard for the Australian lives lost in World Wars 1 & 2; soldiers who died defending our freedom from militant dictatorship. Shame on you under every definition of shame.


Daniel Andrews and Scott Morrison would be laughed at in Boot Camp and probably endanger the lives of their fellow soldiers if we were ever unfortunate enough to have them fight in a war on the front lines, dweebs and petulant snakes they are, scared of a single push-up as they cower in the presence of better and stronger men.

If government cannot find appropriate ways to treat free and innocent people, government must be disobeyed. We have no obligation to submit to pasty unfit nerds whose own health is of so little concern to them it's no surprise they clearly do not care about ours either. Fear attacks immunity. Militant dictatorship and violations of rights - attack and reduced immunity.

That big tech and government have colluded to create a modern society which directly reflects a penitentiary is all the evidence we need to have them thrown out of power in every instance and absolutely.

They are an offence to every sentient creature. They are responsible for spreading fear, causing fear, causing illness, causing a psyop-pandemic and abusing state of emergency powers nation-wide. I feel inclined to accuse them of rape and if Daniel Andrews doesn't get get his slimey body off me, I'll scream rape for the whole world to hear:

Tell me what the charge is against me before tracking me or holding me under house arrest.

I must be symptomatic for you to have proof of any potential biosecurity-threat.

I am not and never have been, therefore you are in breach of the Rules of War and Human Rights.

Test me before you charge me and subject me to your disgusting dictatorship, you utterly foul slugs from hell.

Modern society is not a penitentiary but I guess we should have seen it coming when you approved Sunday Trading as Godless anti-Christs would, and did, with glee.


Let's face it, we're dealing with people who treat Christmas as a profit-opportunity.


Absolute filth.

By the way, Wave 1 was fixed without masks and a simple 1.5 rule in public. It was government and hotel quarantine mess-ups who caused a second wave, and it is government who continues to endanger all of us with open borders for $$$$. 


I do not forget.


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