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On the 8th of August 2021 I received my qualification to practice Reiki under Master Teacher Martine Salerno at the Blue Angel Reiki Centre in Melbourne, Australia. During the course I was fortunate to receive comments from other students after practicing Reiki on them. 

  • "I feel like my brain has been completely wiped. There is no noise, no thoughts, just stillness." - Meg

  • "I had incredible pain in my left foot. Everywhere, it hurt. When Penelope touched my foot I felt electricity surge through it. The pain has almost completely gone after only 3 minutes of treatment." - Sylvia

  • "You have the most gentle hands. So loving. Just lovely." - Meredith

In 1994 my partner severely burned his finger in the oven. He said it was extremely painful and it was very red and blistering. We did not apply any creams nor ice. I placed my hands around his finger, not touching it, and closed my eyes. I bathed myself in white light and love and imagined pouring it into his finger through my hands. When I took my hands away a few minutes later, the burn had been reduced to a very faint pink mark, and the pain was gone.

This is not a promise that I can do the same for you. It is to show you what is possible when faith and love collide through a healer who heals with intention. The 'client' must not only be open to receiving the healing, they must BELIEVE they are healed, while the healing takes place. Through this joint effort between healer and client, miracles are possible.


I must stress to you; there is no guarantee. If you would like to make an appointment or recommend my service to others in need, please do so without expectation. Together we can give it our best try and see what happens.

- Penelope Driessen

Please direct your queries to

I will endeavor to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you.

All mobile devices must be switched completely off during your appointment.

Beacon Healing Service

P. Driessen

 Qualified Reiki Practitioner

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