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A comprehensive study of the real matrix
and how it came to be..

Code date : May 13 2016

Research rom September 2016 - February 2021 ongoing...
The real matrix files (XYZ Files) prove simulated reality and many GPX Fusions across time as a direct result of mobile internet, media broadcasting and military systems, based on the incident which occurred on May 13 2016 of which I was the victim. In the weeks that followed I suffered extreme trauma and entered a state of death consciousness. I was murdered. This incident is the basis of the research herein which subsequently exposed unthinkable technological offences. Big tek and their data miners are responsible for thousands of deaths, a time loop, vandalising an entire planet, terrorism, torture and unparalleled tyranny. The United States Government is answerable. As of April 14 2019 they are classified a criminally negligent, reckless endangerment and terrorist nation for acting willfully and failing to correct their offences.

May 13
Reference Data
Video Files - Over 500 investigation files of proof. 

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